Covid-19 Precautions

Whilst we understand some of the precautions are an inconvenience the following measures have been put in place for the safety for all those playing and spectators alike to minimise the risk of catching COVID-19.

The following precautions apply to all cricket matches taking place at Chatsworth Cricket Club and we ask that all players, visitors and spectators respect and follow the clubs precautions and ECB guidelines in full. To download  the ECB Covid-19 guidelines click here

1.Each captain is responsible for recording the contact details of the players in their team.

2.Any player subsequently diagnosed with Covid-19 should immediately contact their captain.

3.All players should bring their own sanitiser and maintain frequent hand hygiene at all times.

4.All players are to respect the current social distancing guidelines; 2 metres from another individual except for 1) wicket keepers standing up to the stumps and 2) the distance between slip fielders, where 1m+ is permitted.

5.On entering and leaving the ground, all players and spectators are asked to use the hand sanitiser provided at the ground.

6.Due to the size of the pavilion and the practicalities of making the pavilion Covid-19 safe, there will be no access to the pavilion, other than for emergencies when first aid equipment may be required.

7.There will be one toilet open for the use of the players and spectators during the afternoon; this will be the outside toilet which is to the rear of the pavilion. Players and spectators are asked to use the hand sanitiser provided outside the toilet before and after they have used the facility.

8.All players are to arrive at the game fully dressed in whites and ready to play. There will be no changing facilities.

9.All players are to bring their own food and drink to be taken at any drinks breaks and during the tea interval. No refreshments will be available at all during the match.

10.Players should have their own equipment. If equipment needs to be shared they must practice strict hand hygiene before and after. The equipment must be cleaned thoroughly each time it is used.

11.No sweat or saliva is to be applied to the ball at any time.

12.All players should sanitise their hands prior to the start of the match.

13.A ‘hygiene break’ will take place every six overs or every 20 minutes, whichever is sooner, in which the ball is cleaned with an anti-bacterial wipe and all participants’ hands are cleaned using a suitable sanitiser. The responsibility for sanitising the ball during the match will lie with the fielding captain.

14.Batters are to run in distinct running lines to ensure they are not within 2m of the bowler or other batter. Lines will be marked on the square on either side of the wicket.

15.Batters are to sanitise their bat when leaving the field of play and wicket keepers should sanitise their gloves

16.The ball is to be returned directly to the bowler and not passed around the fielders eg the ball goes directly from the wicket keeper to the bowler.

17.Nothing is to be handed to the umpires. The umpires are responsible for the stumps closest to them and should be the only person replacing the bails if dislodged.  The umpire should not touch the ball.

18.Scoring will be carried out from outside the pavilion. Each team will need to nominate one or maximum of two people to complete the score book and update the scoreboard at the end of each over.

19.Any player(s) moving the sight screens and or covers during the match are to use the hand sanitiser provided before and after and done whilst maintaining social distancing.

20.In the event of rain, all players from both sides are asked to return to their own vehicles and await further instruction.

21.Spectators are welcome but should remain socially distanced at all times and refrain from all contact with the ball e.g. returning it to the field of play. Spectator groups are restricted to groups of six and spread out, in line with wider UK Government guidance.

The above precautions have been put in place for the safety for all players, visitors and spectators to Chatsworth Cricket Club and are in conjunction with  the ECB recommended guidelines. We hope that these small inconveniences do not affect and or spoil your afternoon at Chatsworth Cricket Club

Thank you for your understanding